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Teacher and Pupil



Inside this handbook

Hopefully this booklet should answer most questions you may have, but if you are unsure of any of the information contained here, or you have question you cannot find the answer to, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We are here to help, and want to make your booking with us as clear and as easy as possible.


Please make sure you are aware of what needs to happen before the camp starts, in particular the final number deadline. There is a breakdown of the booking process on the following page. If you are unsure of any of these steps, please contacts us for clarification.

Booking Management
Booking timeline

Once we have received the signed booking form, one of our booking managers will be in touch to help you through the rest of the booking process.

The following is an important break down of what needs to be done before the camp starts.

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Booking Management
Invoices and pre camp info


Invoicing and payment

When we revive the final numbers that will be attending camp we will send through an invoice. On the day of the trip we will send through the final amount needed to be payed.


Curriculum related trips = 0% VAT*

Ecoventure is NOT a zero rated company
Example: We charge the school 1000AED plus 5% tax for a total of 1050AED.

If the trip is curriculum related, the school can charge 1000AED to the parents. The school will then need to pay Ecoventure 1050AED, but can then claim back the 50AED in VAT from the government.
Please speak to your administration and finance team who will be aware on this and can advise you on how the school will be handling VAT.

*VAT Executive Regulations, Article 40, Clause 4f


Final numbers

Final numbers are required no later than 30 days before the trip.
This gives us enough time to order food, order transport, make sure we have enough staff, and to do the camp timetable. If we receive final numbers after this date, we cannot guarantee we can run to the agreed upon program.

Online signup

Mandatory for all people attending.

Teachers need to fill in the form for themselves.

Needed for insurance purposes.
It is important that all people attending fill on the online signup form no later than 40 days before the trip date. We place the necessary orders for the camp 30 days before the camp to make sure everything thing is in place. Anyone who has not signed up before this date may not be provided with.
Please make sure that parents are aware that the signup link will close 40 days before the trip date.

Camp Operations
Pick up and Drop off

On the day of the trip, a member of Ecoventure staff will come to the school 1 hour before departure time to do a safety check of the bus.
All of our bus drivers know our locations and should not have any problems getting you to your destination. If there are any issues on the way to camp, you will have been given the contact phone number of the trip leader, just in case.

First day and what students need to wear

Wear: Clothes that can get wet and dirty.

Carry:  Small backpack with water bottle, hat, sunscreen, towel, change of clothes.

Drop off
Please make sure that all luggage and property of the group is removed from the bus.
All of our bus drivers know our locations and should not have any problems getting you to your destination. If there are any issues on the way to camp, you will have been given the contact phone number of the trip leader, just in case.

Teachers attending camp
It’s important that all teachers attending camp have an understanding of what camp will be like before they arrive. Please make sure that all teachers attending have a copy of the camp program and Teachers Handbook. Please make sure all teachers attending camp have filled in the online sign up as well, so we can gather necessary medical and dietary

Teachers responsibility on camp

  • Act in Loco Parentis.

  • Wake students up in the morning and make sure they are ready for breakfast.

  • Supervise students during free time and at meal times.

  • Be present durning activities to deal with disciplinary issues and group control.

  • Work with the group leader to make sure that the students are on time for their activities and meals.

  • Administer any medication that students may need.

Our responsibilities

  • Provide a point of contact at all times.

  • Felicitate the safe running or all activities.

  • Move students between activities.

  • Organize students at meal times.

  • Work with teachers to make sure students are on time for their activities and meals.


Instructor / student ratio - 1:8 for water activities; 1:16 for land activities.
Recommended Teacher / student ratio - 1:10 - this will allow for 1 teacher per activity.

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Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 3.25.15 PM.png

Our Locations

location information

Al Sahara
Location: Ras Al Khaimah

Situated in the South of Ras Al Khaimah, close to the small town of Al Dhaid is our beautifully rustic Al Sahara Camp.

Our Exclusive camp has 2 distinct accommodation areas, indoor classroom, covered dining area and lots of desert based activities. The highlight for many is our 14m tall, high ropes course. Designed to promote confidence and teamwork, there is something for everyone. As well as offering many desert based activities, Al Sahara is a great location to access a wide range of eco systems and sites for our senior biology and geography trips.

Al Bariya
Location: Ras Al Khaimah
Our most rustic camp, Al Bariya is the perfect place to get away from creature comforts and really challenge your students to engage with the natural world.Al Bariya is the ideal location if you are looking for a survival themed camp. Passionate astronomer's would also appreciate the star gazing opportunities at this remote location.

Al Sayh
Location: Ras AL Khaimah
Camp Sayh is our most easily accessible camp and offers easy access to a wide range of off site activity locations such as Al Hamra for water sports and Al Raffa mangroves.Camp Sayh also offers a great range of activities on site, with our most extensive high ropes course, archery ranged and a pool you're never short of something to do at Camp Sayh.

location: Umm Al Quwain Marine Club

Nestled on the shore of the UAQ mangroves, UAQ marine club is. a great location for a range of different water-sports and land activities. With a high ropes course, low ropes course, archery range and beach, UAQ has all bases covered.


Q : What are your dormitory accommodation arrangements?

A : This depends on where you are staying, but all rooms have bunk beds.  Boys and girls are separated either by having teachers in between the dormitories or by being on separate floors. Teachers sleep in close proximity to the students in rooms attached to the dormitory. Some accommodation is ensuite and some has ablutions blocks adjacent to them.

Q : What are your tented accommodation arrangements?

A : The tents are permanent tents, the same as are used by the United Nations.  Boys and girls sleep in separate tents on comfortable mattresses. The girls tents are on one side of the camping area and the boys on the other. Teachers tents are in the middle. There are eight students to a tent and teachers aim to accommodate students with their group of friends. Toilets and showers are within 10 meters of the tent area.

Q : What are the security facilities for the campsite?

A : All sites have a secure perimeter fence and gate which is locked at night. Teachers have accommodation close to the students and Ecoventure staff are onsite at all times.


Life on Camp

Q : How are these activities different from the activities my children have taken part in the previous year?

A : Ecoventure works with the school to arrange an itinerary with varied activities, locations and experiences. If there are any activities that are similar to the previous year, Ecoventure will arrange for a more advance level of learning outcome for the students as part of their progression program.

Q : What is included in the cost?
A : Supervised outdoor learning activities and programs operated by qualified instructors. All meals, insurance, accommodation, equipment and transport. Souvenir T-shirt and group photo


Q : What should my child bring to camp?

A : You should have been provided with a camp program, with the kit list attached. If you have not received a copy, talk to your child’s teacher and they will be able to provide you with one.

Q : What should the students need to bring?

A : Everything that they will need is listed on the kit list which you should have received. They will be spending their days outside in the wilderness and will be getting wet and dirty.  We therefore recommend that you do not send their best clothes, all items are name tagged, as well as provide your child with a packing list, so that he/she can check items back into their bag.

Q : Does my child need to bring money to camp?

A : For programs 2 days or longer every child receives a free Ecoventure t-shirt at the end of camp as a souvenir, so if you feel like you don’t want to give extra money then please don’t worry. They will come away with something regardless.

Q : What should my child not bring to camp?

A : Any expensive or favorite items such as mobile phones, expensive cameras, electronic games, iPods or mp3 players, jewelry, favorite clothing or shoes, nuts and sweets.

Q : How many adults will be supervising our kids on the various activities?

A : Ecoventure recommends that schools provide one Teacher for every 10 students. On the water we work on a ration of 1:8 with a minimum of 2 instructors per group. On the land we work on a ratio of 1:16.

Q : What’s the food like?

A : Breakfast, lunch & dinner are all created around food that children love to eat – but with health & nutrition foremost in mind. There is always a choice of hot & cold dishes, vegetarian selections and fresh salad.

Q: When is bedtime?

A: Our organized program runs through until 8:30-9pm, after this it is up to the teachers what time bed time and lights out will be.

Q: Are the Ecoventure staff qualified?

A: Ecoventure staff hold a range of qualifications relating to the activities that they lead, this is complemented by a month long training period at the start of the season, along with continual observation through out the work season. All of our staff have a first aid certificate and undergo a police check before they are employed.


Q : What care is available during the night?

A : Students are made aware of where the teachers will be sleeping (never far away) and there will be a member of Ecoventure staff on duty who the teachers can call on should the situation require it.

Q : My child has allergies and specific dietary requirements, can you cater for them?

A : Yes, provided we know about them in advance. Please indicate any allergies or specific meal requirements on the online consent form and inform the teacher. We do not know each individual student on camp so it is important that their teacher knows who they are in order for them to get the correct meal. If you are concerned you are welcome to send home cooked meals that we can reheat if you feel it is necessary.

Q : What if my child is afraid or can’t cope?

A : All Ecoventure staff are trained to take responsibility for the well-being of the children who are in their care. We strive to create a warm & supportive environment at all times. Our instructors do their best to encourage your child to try every activity. Often after seeing their friends having fun and completing the activity is motivation enough. On an evening children are tired and sleep pretty quickly. If they are missing home and on the rare occasion very upset we will then take further action.

Q : What about children with special needs?

A : We can cope with many needs as long as teachers make us aware of them at the time of booking. We will advise if we think we are not equipped to cope with a specific situation. If your child needs a carer then they are welcome to accompany your child as they might so at school, free of charge.

Q : Can parents telephone their children?

A : We strongly discourage any contact between students and their parents while on camp. Likewise we ask that you do not contact us unless there is an emergency. While on camp our focus is on making sure the students are safe and having fun and we want their focus to be on what they are doing and not what’s happening at home. It has been our experience that parents phoning their children just to talk often makes the children’s time away from home harder, rather than easier and exacerbates any homesickness that they might be feeling.

Q : What is the procedure in case of an Emergency?

A : For minor incidents there is a first aid station on site and all of our instructors hold a first aid qualification. For more serious incidents we may have to travel to the nearest hospital or medical centre. (We have a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan which provides a guide as to what to do when.) If we do have to travel to hospital the teacher will contact the parent immediately. A teacher & Ecoventure staff member will escort the child to the nearest hospital where the parent will be able to meet their child if they wish. Serious incidents are very rare and most hospital visits that we undertake are purely precautionary.


Q : Is my child covered under medical insurance?

A : Whilst in our care, all students and staff are covered for accidents and injuries by our Public Liability Insurance up to US$1,000,000. Please note that we only cover accidents and injuries, illness (ie colds, fever, etc) are not covered.

Life on camp
Camp operations
Booking managment
Our locations
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