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Inside this handbook

Hopefully this booklet should answer most questions you may have, but if you are unsure of any of the information contained here, or you have question you cannot find the answer to, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We are here to help, and want to make your booking with us as clear and as easy as possible.


Please make sure you are aware of what needs to happen before the camp starts, in particular the final number deadline. There is a breakdown of the booking process on the following page. If you are unsure of any of these steps, please contacts us for clarification.

Booking Management
Booking timeline

Once we have received the signed booking form, one of our booking managers will be in touch to help you through the rest of the booking process.

The following is an important break down of what needs to be done before the camp starts.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 2.37.30 PM.png

Booking Management
Invoices and pre camp info

Invoicing and payment

When we revive the final numbers that will be attending camp we will send through an invoice. On the day of the trip we will send through the final amount needed to be payed.


Adventurous journeys do not count as curriculum related trips, therefore VAT has to be charged on them.


Final numbers

Final numbers are required no later than 28 days before the trip.
This gives us enough time to order food, order transport, make sure we have enough staff, and to do the camp timetable. If we receive final numbers after this date, we cannot guarantee we can run to the agreed upon program.

Online signup

Mandatory for all people attending.

Teachers need to fill in the form for themselves.

Needed for insurance purposes.
It is important that all people attending fill on the online signup form no later than 40 days before the trip date. We place the necessary orders for the camp 30 days before the camp to make sure everything thing is in place. Anyone who has not signed up before this date may not be provided with.
Please make sure that parents are aware that the signup link will close 40 days before the trip date.

Booking Management
Preparation info

AJ Prep website


Everything that we can think of that your participants might need can be found on the prep website, including;

  • Group registration link

  • GPX files  - so they can use their phone as a GPS if they get lost

  • Kit list

  • Kit guide

  • How to use a map and compass

  • How to fill in your route card

Group registration
Each group must register using the form at least 14 days before the AJ
The registration allows us to track assessment reports and is also how the groups can request to hire kit.  The link for registration can be found on the prep website.


You can find the basic route locations using this map;


We will confirm your specific routes via email and provide links so that you can access maps, route cards and KMZ files (for use with google earth).

Camp Operations
Pick up and Drop off

On the day of the trip, a member of Ecoventure staff will come to the school 1 hour before departure time to do a safety check of the bus.
All of our bus drivers know our locations and should not have any problems getting you to your destination. If there are any issues on the way to camp, you will have been given the contact phone number of the trip leader, just in case.

Drop off
Please make sure that all luggage and property of the group is removed from the bus.
All of our bus drivers know our locations and should not have any problems getting you to your destination. If there are any issues on the way to camp, you will have been given the contact phone number of the trip leader, just in case.

Teachers attending 
It’s important that all teachers attending camp have an understanding of what camp will be like before they arrive. Please make sure that all teachers attending have a copy of the camp program and Teachers Handbook. Please make sure all teachers attending camp have filled in the online sign up as well, so we can gather necessary medical.

Camp Operations

While on the AJ

Teachers responsibility 

  • At least 1 accompanying teacher should be a qualified IA supervisor / assessor.

  • Act in loco Parents.

  • Communicate with Ecoventure staff on participants performance.

  • Contact parents if needed.

  • Accompany Eco representative and student to medical facilities.

Our responsibilities

  • Provide and IA qualified assessor who will:

  • Ensure the 14 core conditions are met.

  • Supports the participants to meet their expectation aim.

  • Be a fair, impartial and positive.

  • Accompany Eco representative and student to Medical facilities.


Instructor  - 1 : 7 (1 per group) + 2 support drivers
Teacher - 1 : 10 (suggested) - min required = 2.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 3.22.25 PM.png


Q : What are your dormitory accommodation arrangements?

A : Before and after the AJ we will be staying at Hotel Sunray who we have ha a relationship with for a number of years.  All rooms are twin rooms with en-suite bathroom, AC and a lockable door.  The hotel compound has a main gate that is closed at night and a gateman.


During the AJ we will be camping in public campsites each of which have an ablutions block.  Depending on the size of the group we may take up the whole campsite but we cannot guarantee that we will be the only campers.

Q : What is included in the cost?

A : All transport, accommodation and food before and after the AJ.  Local guide for each group.  IA qualified Assessor.  Travel Insurance.  Group check in counter and an Ecoventure representative supporting you before the trip and while in country. Registration and visa support.

Q : How many adults will be supervising?

A : Ecoventure recommends that schools provide one Teacher for every 10 students. 2 Ecoventure staff will in on the ground in Sri Lanka to deal with any suppler related issues and act as assessors for the AJ.  Each walking group will have a local guide and we will have a support 4x4 for the duration of the journey.

Q : Whats the food like?

A : Before and after the AJ we have a mixture of local and international food.  During the AJ participants will eat whatever food they have brought.

Q : What does my child need to bring?
A : You can find a copy of the kit list on our AJ perp website:


Q : Are the Ecoventure staff qualified?

A : At least 1 accompanying staff member will be an International Award qualified Assessor.  All of our staff have a first aid certificate and undergo a police check before they are employed.

Q : What care is available during the night?

A : Teachers and Ecoventure staff stay in the same location as the participants each night.

Q : My child has allergies and specific dietary requirements, can you cater for them??

A : Yes, provided we know about them in advance.  Please indicate any allergies or specific meal requirements on the online consent form and inform the teacher.

Q : What is the procedure in case of Emergency?

A : For minor incidents participants are expected to do their own first aid.  The Ecoventure staff will also have a comprehensive expedition 1st aid kit with them.  For more serious incidents we may have to travel to the nearest hospital or medical centre. If we do have to travel to hospital the teacher will contact the parent immediately.  If we do have to travel to hospital an Ecoventure member of staff will accompany the students along with a teacher.

Q : is my child covered under medical insurance?

A : We purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy for each person who travels internationally with us.  This policy includes medical cover as well as repatriation if someones trip has to be cut short.

Camp operations
Booking managment
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