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Our adventure and field studies program is the perfect opportunity for kids and teens aged 8-18 to explore the great outdoors and learn new skills.

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Based in the south of the island, we have a fantastic photography experience, which has been chosen to challenge our young adventurers. Based at our purpose built centre, students will be sure to feel right at home, nestled between rice fields and coconut trees.

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Spend your days skiing or snowboarding on Azerbaijan's oldest and biggest ski resort. Ski directly from the hotel on green, blue , red, or even black pistes!
Shred during the day and relax during the night while enjoying all the slopes have to offer.

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The road trip across the top of Oman takes in some of the most stunning scenery the country has to offer, including water - filled wadis, pristine beaches, turtles and dolphins.

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The Intrepid adventure across Borneo not only encounters orangutans and sun bears but highlights the challenges they face because of the destruction of their natural habitat. Working with APE Malaysia, Adventurers have the opportunity to help restore key forest corridors used by wild orangutans.

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Our Nepal program provides students with pieces to make the perfect trip. Students will engage with local students, explore Kathmandu and Bhatapur. The service learning program works to impact communities in Nepal and empower students to connect with greater world around them.

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