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A five day road trip to introduce students to the environment and culture of northeast Oman.

Hike, swim and climb through Oman's famous wadis, sinkholes and coral reefs.

Discover your sense of adventure and confidence.



Climb sand dunes in Wahiba Sands

Swim through wadi canyons at

Wadi Bani Khalid and Wadi Shab

Climb and swim at Bimmah Sinkhole
Evening turtle nesting tour
Snorkeling trip and dolphin watching

Mutrah Souq

Muscat Grand Mosque



Accommodation for the road trip changes each night, providing a sense of adventure to students.


Night one: Camping in the sand dunes.

Night two: A hotel near nesting sea turtles.

Night three: Coastal camping on the beach.

Night four: A Muscat hotel to finish the trip.

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A cultural and adventurous road trip from Muscat, through Wahiba Sands, across to Sur, and up along the coast.

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