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Helping you provide the best for your students

From risk assessments, registrations and payments, to programming, location scouting and a whole lot more. We take all of the hard work out of your hands and provide you with support wherever you need it.  All of our activities have curriculum links in order to supplement classroom learning and give you and your parents peace of mind that this really will be valuable time outside of the classroom.


Outdoor education, senior science, the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and international trips; our programs can be adapted to cover a range of topics and desired outcomes to give you and your students the most meaningful and memorable experiences.

Outdoor Education

Educational Programs run in the great outdoors centred around adventure, problem solving, the environment and wellbeing.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Training, support, supervision and assessment for your student's Adventurous Journey.

Senior Science

Bespoke field programs that facilitate student learning in the classroom, covering Biology, Geography and ESS in A-level, IB and IGCSE/GCSE curriculums.


Service work, skiing, adventure and more! We can help you find the best program for your students.

UAE Locations

With 5 facilities managed exclusively by Ecoventure and a network of trusted third party suppliers there a plenty of options available.



Al Hamra


Sri Lanka

Al Bariya

United Arab Emirates

Al Waha

United Arab Emirates

Al Sahara

United Arab Emirates

Al Mina

United Arab Emirates




Sri Lanka

International Locations

From Skiing in the high Caucuses to Omani coastal road trips and service programs in Sri Lanka, we have a wide range of international programs to choose from.

Get in touch to organise a bespoke program for you and your students.


Keeping our guests and staff safe is always our primary concern. We regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure we are providing our activities and programs in the safest way possible.


Strict guidelines with how many students we have for each member of staff

Staff Training

Consistent training for staff through out the season

Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures that outline how we run activities

Risk Management

Constant Risk and Safety Assessment to amen sure we run to the safest standards