Water Confidence with Ocean Academy

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Sep 15


Dec 22



Introducing children to ocean rescue techniques so they can keep themselves and their friends safe. Surf lifesavers will learn about the plank, tube buoys, swimming and running on sand with beach flags.

Our courses are a way for children to explore the sea and help them to discover the aquatic fauna and flora while  learning to better understand the life beneath the waves. We will teach them how to float, the basics of swimming and the ablity to have fun in the water while ensuring their own safety. They will become comfortable both in and under the water.

A minimum of 2 people are needed to run the course.

3 yr olds

30min session

Max 3 children

10 session program


4 yrs olds

40min session

max 4 children

10 session program


5yr olds

45min session

max 4 kids

10 session program



Sept - 12, 19, 26

Oct - 3, 10, 24

Nov - 15, 22, 29

This runs on Sundays at DOSC - click here to book -

This program does not run during school holidays.





per person

What's Included

Equipment and tuition

What you need to bring

Swimwear, towel, water

For more information contact oceanacademyuae@gmail.com

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For more information please contact us at info@ecoventureme.com