Fossil Rock Hike

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Walk along the ridge line of Fossil Rock on the Haja mountain range for an unforgettable experience. Scramble over boulders and rock formations to ascend this beautiful plateau and feel the awesome sense of freedom at the top.

This is a 6km round trip with 300m of elevation gain.

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Location Details

60 minutes drive from Dubai, on the 102 Meleiha Road towards Kalba. From Dubai your parking/meeting location is on the right hand side as you drive through the rock formations as you approach.

What's Included

Experienced guide

Stunning views

Endless amounts of open space

How long will it take?

The round trip hike to the top and back down typically takes 2-3hrs depending on number of people and fitness levels.

If you have more time on your hands? Why not inquire about a longer adventure at fossil rock and enjoy a camp fire at the top of the ridge. Other adventure options could incorporate watching the sun rise or set around a camp fire, or if you fancied some astronomy, sleeping under the stars is always a guaranteed win.

What To Bring

Walking books or sturdy shoes are highly recommended on this trek.

Backpack with a minimum of 4 liters of water, sun screen, and a hat.


Price Starting From
2-3 Hours
Fossil Rock
Type of Adventure / Suitable For
Mini Adventure