It was my first time at Ecoventure and I really enjoyed myself. Staff are super friendly and great with the children. Definitely would advise other schools to go! :) Thank you!

Safa Community School - October 2017

This community is part of our schools make up and it never fails to deliver every time. Variety, excitement, education and all round good friendship building fun. Thank you all and cannot wait for next time.

Kings Al Barsha - November 2017

Ecoventure is a superb camping facility for children of all ages. The staff are extremely professional in delivering an exciting, adventurous and challenging set of activities. The children on our trip have had the time of their lives bonding with their friends and learning new skills! A highly recommended residential.

Regent International School - January 2018

Great staff, hard working and very informative.
Great fire in the evening where the pupils could just chill out which is exactly what they wanted to do.
Very helpful pre-trip coordination. Easily contacted through email and replies almost straight away. All questions asked were answered.
Great knowledge of the areas and topics. Classroom session was very helpful to all pupils especially weaker SEN pupils.

GEMS Wellington International School - January 2018

Field camp - Brilliant location, highly recommended site. Children and staff throughly enjoyed the activities & staff here. Would definately come back.

Thank you to Paige and the Ecoventure Team (: x

GEMS Wellington Primary School - January 2018

ALL of year 5 had an awesome time at Ecoventure. They absolutely loved their first experience away from home - taking risks, team building and being independent. Thanks to everyone for making it so fun, we will be back.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail - January 2018

I think the camp was brilliant fun - allowed all children, regardless of ability to properly get involved and participate. Encouragement from instructors was great and children were given the confidence to try (even those who were nervous). Nice, simple schedule for the children. They will have made some great memories!!

Sunmarke School - January 2018

Ecoventure Wilderness camp has been a fantastic bonding session over 2days. Paige and the team have provided excellent, engaging, fun filled activities that all children (and teachers) have loved. It has been a pleasure to see students excel outside their comfort zone and work so well as a team.

Sunmarke School - January 2018

The instructors at Ecoventure were absolutely fantastic! They not only held engaging and challenging sessions but also spent time getting to know the children and bonded with every single one of them, It was a great experience and I would recommend this adventure camp to other schools.

Horizon International School - November 2017

Ecoventure provides fun, educational and challenging experiences for our grade 4's. The staff are obviously well trained and knowledgable. The kids love it!

GEMS World Academy Dubai - November 2017

The trip has been made really easy for us fro start to finish. There was lots of communication to help organize the trip and, once here, the staff have taken care of everything. Thank you very much!

Horizon International School - November 2017

Our students thrived once out of their comfort zone. "I can't" quickly changed in to "I did it!"

GEMS Founders School - November 2017

Thank you once again for an excellent few days. Hugh and the team have controlled the days magnificently and ensured that all of our pupils had a fun and exciting camp.

Repton - November 2017

"Ecoventure is a great experience which allows every individual to embrace challenges, overcome fears and build confidence!"

Nadeen International School Bahrain - November 2017

Al Jeer is a stunning setting for our camp. The water activities are incredibly fun in a safe, calm marina with outstanding instructors. Thank you for a fantastic, fun-filled, safe and varied trip!

Dubai British School - November 2017

This was by far the best experience we have had in terms of an IA - kids were fully supported in an independent manner and the route was great. Alex and nicky were outstanding in terms of leadership, ensuring that each child got the most out of the experience.

Sunmarke School Dubai - November 2017

Expert knowledge of staff and tireless enthusiasm.

Students were given high quality opportunities to experience accurate data collection and then this was linked to their justifications in their IA report.

Victoria International School Sharjah - November 2017

The Ecoventure staff have ensured that every child had a memorable trip. The childeren have thoroughly enjoyed their time in the desert and have developed some essential life skills. The range of activities was excellent.

Dubai British School - November 2017

Great adventure for all the children which taught them a lot about life on the desert. The team building activities were a fantastic way of bringing out the best in students and the great variety of activities meant everyone had a great time. Instructors were outstanding.

Capital School - March 2017

The Ecoventure counsellors were excellent at engaging and encouraging our students to challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible.

Thanks for an amazing time and we will definitley be back.

American International School Abu Dhabi - February 2017

The children had a wonderful time at camp. The activities were all fun and engaging. The campfire was very enjoyable. Rules were very clear. The staff were fantastic. As there first night away it was brilliant

Ranches Primary School - February 2017

Fantastic as always

Kings Al Barsha - February 2017

Ongoing commitment
Very Professional
Easy going
Nothing is too Much
Easily the best adventurous activities camp provider in the UAE

Wellington Primary School - February 2017

Not only were the instructors friendly and approachable, they were quickly able to establish a relaxed rapport with our students, while maintaining discipline.

Our students were happy and enthusiastic to participate in the activities that were prearranged for them. All in all great friendly staff and educational :)

American International School Abu Dhabi - February 2017

As regular visitors to Ecoventure this year has been the most organised, effective and enjoyable experience, especially due to the organisation and enthusiasm of the staff.

GEMS International School Al Khail - February 2017

Our 51 students had a fantastic 4 days away with Ecoventure at the Al Jeer camp. They filled their days with exciting, challenging activities, facing their fears, pushing themselves further, making new friends, growing up just that little bit more. Ecoventure is a fantastic opportunity for students of all ages - St Christophers highly recommends this as an outdoor adventure camp experience!!

St Christophers Bahrain - February 2017

Ecoventure is jam packed with exciting and stimulating activities that take children out of their comfort zone and home environment

Jumeirah Baccalaureate School - February 2017

Have been coming to Ecoventure for 7 years. The team collaborate well to link our program of inquiry. They take health and safety very seriously. Over the years Ecoventure have developed a learned, engaging, hands on, fun experience for our grade 4 kids. Would encourage other schools to come take part.

Raffles World Academyl - February 2017

Fun for all ages. Even the teachers were facing challenges. The staff are wonderful and are prepared for any situation come rain or shine. Would highly recommend this trip to any school. Amazing opportunity for team building and character building. You literally watch their confidence grow.

Regent International School - January 2108

I would highly recommend this camp to other primary age children as it helps to develop independence and self confidence. The staff are awesome!

Newton British Academy - March 2107

From beginning to end we thoroughly enjoyed our Ecoventure experience and are already looking forward to next year's trip. Thank you!

Regent International School - March 2107

This was our third year returning to Ecoventure Al Jeer and it continues to be a great experience. The patient and enthusiastic instructors ensured our students had a fantastic time. Every activity was engaging and fun for our students. We can't wait to come back.

CollegiateAmerican School - March 2107

Having used other companies before I was not sure what to expect. I have been really impressed with the clear communication staff gave student's prior to the expedition starting. Having all staff in the same uniform is good so they can clearly be spotted. We are looking forward to our silver expeditions next week.

Al Ain English Speaking School - March 2107

Ecoventure very fun and first time experience :)

- The rooms were really comfy and the food was delicious! - Maya Y8
- The instructors were very nice and kind to us - Nisha Y7
- Thank you for all the help in the activities - Ashan Y6
- I recommend Ecoventure for everyone because it is fun and improves skills - Mostafa Y6

GEMS Wellington School - March 2107

A wonderful experience for our year 5 pupils. They were able to challenge themselves, try out new activities and gain new skills in a very safe, supportive environment. The staff were excellent, consistently engaging the children and were very knowledgeable. Thanks for a fantastic trip.

GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis - March 2107

A super few days with action packed excitement. Children were comfortable with the activities because the instructors were so good at making the children feel at ease.

Repton Yr4 - March 2017

Ecoventure staff were well prepared throughout and were quick to adapt our expedition due to harsh weather conditions. Instructors were well liked by the pupils and communication with the teachers was constant.

Jumeirah College International Award February 2107

An action packed 3 days of fun, both on land and at the water. Staff were fantastic and extremely friendly. Would highly recommend this for any school. Food was great and plentiful. Thank you

GEMS Wellington Primary School - Jan 2017

Hugh and his team were outstanding! Will continue to work with/ recommend Ecoventure.

Dubai British School - Jan 2017

Ecoventure took learning outside the common classroom for our students. It taught them valuable lessons including team work, independence, time management and survival skills, all of which prepare our students for their transition into middle school.

Bradenton Preparatory Academy - Jan 2017

A really good day for the year 9, great mixture of education -Geography/science/citizenship alongside some fun activities. Thanks so much.

Jumeirah College - Jan 2017

Awesome instructors who used age appropriate instructions and comments. Very patient and enthusiastic with the thousands of questions from students.

Green Field Community School - Jan 2017

A superb camp, especially run with great care and attention paid in all aspects. Every activity is very popular, there is no 'down time'. All pupils and staff went to bed exhausted and happy. Thank you.

Repton School - Jan 2017

Excellent, dedicated and enthusiastic staff and a wide variety of safe but challenging activities meant our students had a rewarding and highly enjoyable time.

Repton School - Jan 2017

A really great camp, lots of fun for children and teachers. Well organised and the camp is a great facility.

GEMS Wellington International School, Dec 2016

Children had a great time on all the activities instructors built great relationships with children. Great team building opportunities. Overall excellent trip!

Horizon International School, Umm Sheif - Dec 2016

Wonderful experience for us and our students.

Towheed Iranian School - Dec 2016

Ecoventure are great! They really made the whole d of e experience smooth

Wellington International School International Award - December 2016

Thank you, Ecoventure, for bringing our brand new school together. Having only opened our doors to students three months ago, the young people of our school desperately needed an opportunity to come together, get to know each other and bond. Ecoventure provided them with this opportunity, students were challenged to work together as a team, support each other as they faced new adventures and experiences. A great experience enjoyed by all.

GEMS Founders School - Dec 2016

A great confidence building experience for the kids. Many of them mentioned how they liked being challenged, trying something new, and over coming a particular fear (heights, water). The facilities and accommodation is excellent!

Manor Primary School - Dec 2016

I would highly recommend this camp to other primary age children as it helps to develop independence and self confidence. The staff are awesome!

GEMS Moderns Academy International Award - January 2107

We had a great 3 days with Ecoventures wilderness camp. The kids loved the range of activities, as did the teachers! The instructors were so enthusiastic!

GEMS Wellington International School - Nov 2016

Very organised and easy from the schools point of view. The instructors had a good relationship with the students.

Jumeirah College International Award - November 2016

We've all had a really great time. The food, staff and facilities were absolutely divine.
There were spectacular activities for pupils and staff to do, even though trudging through the mangroves covered our shoes in goo.
We would recommend this camp to everyone we know, because the diversity of the tasks have helped our students learn and grow!

Deira International School - Nov 2016

This is a great opportunity for staff and students to come together in shared activities with the support of a fantastic Ecoventure team.

GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis - Nov 2016

Kids loved it well organised friendly helpful instructors. Definitely coming back next year.

Newton British Academy - Nov 2016

At Ecoventure all children are provided with the opportunity to flourish as individuals within a safe and fun filled environment. This was our 4th year in a row and we'll be back soon.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail - Nov 2016

A great first time to Al Jeer - we will definitely be back!

Al Ain English Speaking School - Nov 2016

We had a fantastic time! Mollie was brilliant throughout and has gone above and beyond to accommodate us. All facilities and instructors have made the experience unforgettable. Thank you from DBS year 6 :)

Dubai British School - Nov 2016

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you and your team for a fantastic 5th grade camp this year! We were so impressed with all the instructors and how they handled our kids and really went above any beyond with everything they did. We agreed it was the best camp we have been on in 4 years and are looking forward to the next one!

Raffles World Academy - Nov 2016

Every year you guys make our experience more memorable, comfortable and rewarding. Your staff are really welcoming, mature, organised and knowledgable.

GEMS World Academy - Nov 2016

Very welcoming staff who were very patient with the children. Engaging activities that provided a fun and active learning experience.

Dubai British School - Nov 2016

The children had a fantastic time and all the activities managed to be fun yet safe. The children bonded with the instructors and enjoyed their company.

GEMS Wellington Primary School - Oct 2016

Professional, organised, energetic instructors who cater to the students educational and personal needs.

Victorian International School Sharja - Oct 2016

Thank you so much for the excellent field trip. You and your team were incredibly accommodating and allowed our students to fully engage with their local habitat. Many made comments on the way home just how much they enjoyed the experience, that they loved being outdoors, having a fire and seeing the stars. Every student seemed to enjoy a different aspect of the visit, which was really well balanced in terms of the ecosystems visited and the opportunities for discovery, which led onto questioning, putting the data collection in context.

GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis - April 2015

The camp organized by ECOVENTURE for our children has been one of a kind experience that we are so wanting to repeat for families and parents aswell , the students were well taken care of and the trainers and coaches were very understanding, helpful and devoted to fulfilling the purpose of the camp, full of fun and learning”.

International School of Creative Science - April 2015

Really I would like to express my appreciation to all of you Jenny, Josh, Papa Tom, and Jemima. You are a really excellent team. It was my first time to go to this kind of camp. I want to tell you that not only the students who participated in the camp are excited, but also their parents. They sent me messages to thank our school to let our students to go to this kind of educational survival journey. When they saw their son's photos and videos at the camp they can't imagine themselves when they see their children do extra ordinary things that will be in their memory all their life. I mentioned this to my school. The other students are feeling regret when they saw the photos because they didn't come with us. Thank you very much.

Al Zuhour Private School, Sharjah - March 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you & your staff immensely for our field study yesterday at Al Dhaid camp.
Before we arrived I felt completely confident that the day would be an immense success. In the planning stage, you were instrumental in ensuring that the activities for the day were an enrichment of what had already been learned in the classroom. Furthermore, as we had previously discussed the student’s upcoming assessment, the staff were able to link the activities and discuss with students how the activities and their learning would be beneficial for their next assessment. Ms. Laura had in fact printed a copy of the assessment and showed the students during the day exactly where their learning would be advantageous.
The students today are filled with knowledge and optimism for their next Humanities assessment. I must commend in particular Ms. Saba for her in depth knowledge. We, as teachers, learned so much from her yesterday and feel much more confident with our understanding of desert ecosystems and adaptations of plants and animals.

A huge pat on the back to you and your team! We look forward to doing it all again next Sunday, and are already discussing plans for next year.
Thank you again for a very satisfying and memorable day.

Greenfield Community School - March 2015

Hi Jenny
We went to Ecoventure today to pick up Lana today and she didn't want to leave!!!! I was so impressed with sweet Nic and all those darling instructors!!! It was amazing!!
I am so emotional as I can't begin to tell you what a great experience Lana had! She cried her eyes out to leave!!! Our family is so incredibly happy and so overwhelmed with such an amazing experience for Lana that we can not begin to thank you enough. Amazing is an understatement to describe your group! And Nic!!! Wow! I can hardly write this email without tears in my eyes... You allowed us to believe so much more in Lana and Lana came away with such confidence! I can't find the right Words that will never tell you the feeling we have as a family and friend.
Lana herself... MOG that's Lana's version of OMG. God bless you and all the wonderful Ecoventure staff that were involved with her positive, confident, team building experience that she had. We would highly recommend you all in a heart beat. You should all be sooooo proud of what you do for children. And for that we love you all.
With utmost respect and admiration
Gwen & Lana and her bro Aziz
Who helped navigate me to the lovely
Al Jeer Port

GWA School - October 2014

Dear Mike,

I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know how impressed my colleagues and I were with Chris and Leanne last week during GEMS American Academy’s 8th and 9th grade Ecoventuretrip. Both Chris and Leanne made sure everything ran smoothly and always kept us up to speed with what was going on in the day.

Chris and Leanne are very skilled at being firm, but still kind and accessible to the students they lead. They both demonstrated a keen ability to relate well to students within the structure of the camp atmosphere; makingcertain that students understood the importance of responding to their leadership and the leadership of their instructor staff, but at the same time allowing the kids to be kids and have fun.

They were also very caring of the teacher sponsors who attended and made sure that we had all of our needs and questions addressed as best as possible.

I have been hearing nothing but positive feedback from all the students and parents, who are already talking about coming back next year. The instructors were also very impressive with the way they worked with our students and how they were always supportive of the students who were nervous/scared of doing an activity.

Thank you again and I look forward to working with your company next year.

GAA School - October 2014


Just to say my daughter returned from her school trip today tired but very happy!!
Emily attends Dubai British School and she went with her year 6 group to your centre in RAK.
Everything she said about the place,activities and staff was positive and for the first time ever,she has come back from a residential trip to say the food was lovely!!
Please can you forward my thanks to your staff at that centre for making it a top trip for my daughter!!!

Dubai British School - October 2014