Field Studies

Field Studies


Learning experiences outside the classroom are often the most memorable, helping young people to make sense of the world around them, and integrate new experiences and understandings into all aspects of their formal and informal learning. By realising education does not only happen within the classroom, young people start on the journey of lifelong learning. We offer curriculum based activities designed to complement topics being learnt in the class room.


• Custom and progressive programs Custom and progressive programs for year 3-13, A-level, IB, IGCSE/GCSE programs for Biology, Geography and Environmental Sciences.

• Mangrove studies including; Costal Management Surveys with man-made and natural examples using Data Loggers and probes to measure the environmental gradients of a biotic factors in the mangroves. Examine bio-diversity and interactions between the abundant and unique species in this environment.

• Desert studies including; Track  Identification, Plant and animal identification, studies comparing human and agricultural impact with natural pristine sites, water use and conservation, exotic vs endemic plants.

• Wadi studies including; Looking at bio-diversity or organisms and adaptations of wadi fish studying biotic and abiotic factors of wadi pools can be used for river studies.

• Rocky shore studies including; Food web investigation and succession studies.